About Us

Making available a wide range of curios and also products of utility that are of Odisha origin isthe prime objective of our online store Odisha E Store. Most of these products are eco friendly and adds a new dimension to one's living and lifestyle. Odisha E Store is the online store of Alfa & Omega Multiservices Pvt. Ltd, which is a joint initiative of cultural enthusiasts and marketing professionals. In an era where classic cultural products are becoming rare, Odisha E Store provides online and offline solutions to your requirements on Odia systems of knowledge and heritage, art and culture. Our online shop Odisha E Store is unique in the sense that it is a gathering point of buyers from around the world, who are interested in buying genuine Odia products.

We have what you are looking for in terms ofproducts that carry the fragrance and feel of Odisha culture and heritage.Products available through Odisha E Store are sourced from different parts ofOdisha and are made by highly skilled artists, craftsmen and the like withtraditional expertise and know-how.

Odisha E Store wentlive in 2012 and is the fastest growing company in the field of Cultural & Ethnicproducts online sale in Odisha. It powered the sale of multi brand multicategories online. Enormous opportunity in the e-coomerce market inspiredus to launch the online store dealing with exclusive rich cultural and ethnicproducts related to our state.Odisha E Store is dedicated to promotethe rich cultural heritage of Odisha through its e-commerce portal and set thetrend of buying & selling of cultural & ethnic products of Odisha.

We will continue to power ahead with your support.

Our Mission is:

  1. To provide best value for money to our customers
  2. To provide fastest shipping for our customer orders
  3. To provide widest range of choices for our customers
  4. To enable our brand partners to reach the widest audience
  5. To enable us meet our mission, we undertake some unique tasks in the industry
  6. We source all our products from Brands directly or authorized agent of the brand. We don't buy products without brand authorization
  7. We run our own warehousing operations to enable us to fulfill your orders completely and achieve fastest shipping in the industry